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Dear Colleagues,

The New England Translators Association (NETA) will be holding its annual conference on April 28, 2018 in collaboration with UMass Boston, and welcomes papers written by undergraduate and graduate students and panels organized by professors. Professors and students from universities and colleges in New England will be given preference.
This is an invaluable opportunity for students interested in translation and interpreting studies to present their work, talk with working translators and interpreters, and explore the profession.


According to Walter Benjamin, “[w]hile a poet’s words endure in his own language, even the greatest translation is destined to become part of the growth of its own language and eventually to be absorbed by its renewal.” He insists that a translator should let the language into which he translates be expanded and deepened by means of the foreign tongue. With language being the texture of culture, translation becomes the means for cultural enrichment. What are the ways translation brings diversity into a culture, literature, language, society? What are the political, social, and linguistic responsibilities that such a role places on a translator or interpreter? What can translators and interpreters do as a professional community to promote, foster, and defend diversity threatened by globalization or by a political situation?

Possible topics:
● Translation / interpreting and sexual, ethnic, and religious diversity
● Translation and culture
● Cultural dialogues through translation
● Translation, interpretation, and political change
● Translators, interpreters and minorities
● Teaching and reading world literature in translation and the problem of diversity
● “Domesticated” translation and cultural and linguistic homogenization

Other approaches to the conference theme are welcome.

Extended Deadline: March 1, 2018

Submit your proposals for papers or panels by uploading them at:

Address any questions you might have to:


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